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ТОП 3 онлайн казино за 2020 год с лицензией:
  • СОЛ Казино
    СОЛ Казино

    1 место из-за моментальных выплат и хорошей отдачи со слотов!

  • ДЖОЙ Казино
    ДЖОЙ Казино

    Надежный бренд с контролем честности и лицензией!

  • ФРЭШ Казино
    ФРЭШ Казино

    Летний дизайн и моментальные выплаты!

Real Online Casinos for playing Online Casino Slots for Real Money

All new things always cause questions and doubts. Online casinos are no exception. The history of online gambling started about 20 years ago. Nonetheless, many gambling fans still view casino online as terra incognita. At BGAOC, we consider it our primary mission to bring gambling closer to the masses by explaining how it works in a simple and clear way. In this section of our website, we’ve brought together the most important information on the mesmerizing world of online gambling. With such a powerful source of content at your disposal, you won’t have to spend hours searching for trustworthy reviews on online slots real money USA, casino games, and bonuses. Now you have it all in one place!

Before registering with an online casino, a responsible gambler needs to study its website, read the Terms and Conditions, and test slots. However, you may not have the time to do all that, especially if there are several casinos to check. If you value your time, be sure to use our website. We generate tons of unique content on the best games, bonuses, wagering requirements, software providers, and more!

The section is being continuously improved. We keep adding new game reviews, clever strategies, casino ratings, and so-much-needed tips for novice players. Our ambition is to bring online casino real money closer to you and other gamblers worldwide!

1. How To Find A Safe And Reliable Online Casino

If you do some research on the Internet, you’ll find an almost confusing variety of online casinos USA. Each casino tries to beat its competitors by offering the best slots and sky-high winnings to players. You know how they say that the devil is in the details, right? Well, this is so true when applied to searching for a good gaming platform. To choose the best online casino, you’ll have to carefully study each website!

In the ideal world, a player has access to complete and accurate information on all gaming websites out there. Being informed is crucial to choosing a trustworthy casino operator. Unfortunately, not all players have the time and patience to look for information and compare casinos against each other. If you’re one of them, our website is your silver lining! We invite you to check out our rating of the best online casino USA real money. You’ll see that honest gaming websites are not only real but multiple.

On the web, you can find no lack of real money casino online ratings. Each gambling-related website studies the market to put together their own lists of the best games, online casinos, software providers, etc. If, for any reason, you don’t trust the existing ratings, the only option is to scrutinize each gaming website yourself. Pay close attention to the casino’s licenses, collection of games, available payment methods, etc. Make sure you can contact the casino via phone, online chat or email (the more options, the better).

1.1. Licenses And Casino Software

It’s a known fact that every respectable real online casino must have a license issued by a gaming regulatory authority. Keep in mind than even an offshore license is better than no license at all. If you visit the website of an unlicensed casino, you’ll never find online slots for real money from the world’s leading software brands. Software providers value their reputation above everything else and never work with casinos that lack a license.

1.2. High-Quality Casino Games

Casino software companies work hard to release top-notch gambling games that are both entertaining and profitable to play. However, tastes differ, and what is good for one player, may be garbage for another. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you test slots in demo mode before you play casino slots online for real money. This is an easy and free way to find out whether or not your selected game is right for you.

Рейтинг лучших казино на русском языке:
  • СОЛ Казино
    СОЛ Казино

    1 место из-за моментальных выплат и хорошей отдачи со слотов!

  • ДЖОЙ Казино
    ДЖОЙ Казино

    Надежный бренд с контролем честности и лицензией!

  • ФРЭШ Казино
    ФРЭШ Казино

    Летний дизайн и моментальные выплаты!

1.3. First Deposit

The important thing to understand is that in casino online real money, the size of a bonus depends on the size of your first deposit.

If you’re after big bonuses, be sure to credit your account with a big sum of money. Keep in mind that some casinos don’t give bonuses on second deposits, so the first deposit bonus may be the only money prize you can count on.

2. Types Of Online Casinos

Modern casinos online offer cutting-edge games with crispy graphics, realistic sounds, intuitive navigation, and breathtaking plots. Listed below are them main types:

  • Downloadable casinos are apps you can download from the casino website and install on your computer. Their advantages include smooth operation (no freezing) and high-quality graphics. Plus, you can play them offline. Real money slots app for mobile devices also fall into this category.
  • In-browser online casinos can be played directly in your browser.
  • Mobile casino real money are getting increasingly popular among users who prefer to gamble on their mobile devices. As tablets and smartphones are replacing desktops, software providers will release more real money slots mobile.
  • Live casino has the audience of its own. Live casinos are good at imitating the authentic atmosphere of land-based casinos. It’s a great alternative for those who miss the “oldschool” gambling.

3. Casino Games

All games can be divided into three categories:

Card games include blackjack and video poker, plus their variations (which are numerous, by the way). However, card games are not the top popular entertainment among gamblers. Slots account for more than 90%. This statistic is true worldwide.

Other games include:

The list is far from being complete as casinos offer a mind-blowing selection of games. However, none of them can hold a candle to slots. The only games that can vie with slot machines are roulette and blackjack.

3.1. Online Slots For Real Money

Money is that magical element that makes gambling so exciting and motivational. If you have played for real money at least once in your life, you know what we’re taking about! Why would you want to win real money online casino if not for a juicy money prize? Online casino game real money has amazingly easy rules. Getting the hang of a real-money game is something even a total newbie can do! However, this doesn’t give you the green light to risk large sums of money right from the start. It’s important to understand that each game has its unique features and rules. Before making large bets, you should get to know the game better. If you want to play roulettes casino real money, you should study each roulette variation one by one. Keep in mind that the American and European roulette versions offer different winning chances.

The same applies to blackjack and some slots. Software providers tend to pack their games with unusual features to make them more attractive to gamblers. However, such creativity doesn’t necessarily improve winning chances for a player.

On our website, you can play any slots for free and without registration. We have an easy-to-use search feature with smart filters. Use it to find the game you like! On top of that, you can easily choose the best casino to play for real money.

4. Online Slots Real Money and What Makes Them So Popular

Despite a stunning variety of online casino games real money, slots continue to hold the position of the most popular casino games. Slots have had this status for decades! What makes these games so loved by gamblers worldwide? Let’s take a look at several factors that contribute to the huge popularity of slots.

4.1. Simple Rules

Simplicity is among the strongest advantages of slots.

Player only has one task that consists in determining the size of a bet. The rest is beyond your control!

While some players may find such a gameplay boring, others love the sensation of total unpredictability. After all, slots are meant to entertain and relax, and overly complicated rules would defeat that purpose.

4.2. High Payout Percentage

As said earlier, a gambler has no control over the play process and therefore can’t improve his or her winning chances. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because slots boast incredibly high winnings. Slots from major software providers pay back up to 98% of the money wagered on them. This makes slot machines way more profitable than any other type of games. We think it’s reason enough to play slots for real money!

In poker, even a consummate player risks blowing away their bankroll in a couple of rounds. In slots, you always have a pretty good chance of hitting a winning combination and recover your losses!

4.3. Variety

Luckily for players, there are thousands of online casino slots real money themed around different topics. Although all slots have very similar gameplay, some games come with truly unique features and exciting bonus rounds. Cutting-edge graphics, vivid animations, elaborate plots, and realistic characters take your player experience to a new level and make you enjoy the game even more.

4.4. Slot Evolution

Slots are changing along with the changing preferences of their audience. Aiming to meet the ever-growing market needs, software providers create both exciting and high-paying titles.

Over the last 100 years, slot manufacturers have been adding more and more reels to their games. The number of symbols and their functions have also increased. Packed with cutting-edge technologies, modern online slots are very different from their rudimentary prototypes.

Slots have evolved big time and show no signs of stopping!

5. Slots: Pros and Cons

When hearing the word “casino”, one immediately thinks about slot machines. It’s hardly surprising because slots are the main attraction that can be found on gaming websites. The more slot titles a casino offers, the more time players will spend exploring each game and making bets.

Online slots boast plenty of advantages.

  • Slots are highly exciting and entertaining games that can keep a player glued to the screen for hours. Their effect on players borders on magic!
  • Slots are the easiest way to quench our thirst for risk and excitement. Most of us lead a slow-paced life that includes family, work, and occasional get-togethers with friends on weekends. Everyday routine makes us crave for something new. This is where online casinos come in. Online slots are a powerful source of new emotions and impressions that make our life more diverse.
  • Slots are very easy to play, which makes them available even to newbies.

At the same time, slot machines have some drawbacks you need to be careful about.

  • Addiction. The biggest problem is that slots cause almost instant addiction. It’s a very dangerous psychological trap. The thing is that every win triggers strong positive emotions. Having experienced this feeling once, you want relive it every day. As a result, you spend your last money on bets, not caring about whether or not you can afford such extravagance. This is how gambling addition develops. While not every player is susceptible to addition, a certain percentage of gamblers is always at risk.
  • Losses. Although online slots pay winnings pretty often, no player is insured against losses. Losses are an essential part of a play process. If not managed wisely, losses may deplete your bankroll in the blink of an eye. This is why it’s crucial to learn how to overcome a losing streak.

5.1. Tips For Gamblers

Fight the temptation to view online casino games real money as a source of guaranteed winnings. In slots, both wins and losses are totally random. If you’re enjoying a winning streak, it doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. Your budget may take a blow at any moment! So be prepared for a string of losses. The best way to put an end to losses is stop making bets and sign out of the online casino.

If you’re starting to notice that slot machines are taking a big chunk of your time, you should take a pause. Usually, 2 or 3 days is more than enough to distract your brain and stop viewing gambling as the only way to relax.
In fact, dealing with slots has nothing difficult about it. A soon as they start to bore you or take up too much of your spare time, you should simply close the online casino website and focus on your real life.

Once you feel rested, slots will start bringing you joy like before!

5.2. How To Withdraw Your Winnings

Along with head-spinning excitement and adrenaline, online slots also attract gamblers with their ridiculously high payouts. You’d probably agree if we say that withdrawal of winnings is the best part of gambling. At the same time, withdrawals raise lots of questions among gamblers. Let’s try to crack the puzzle together!

5.3. Limitations

The worst thing is when a casino refuses to release a player’s winnings. This may happen due to multiple reasons which are described in the casino’s Terms of Use.

For example, online casino US set limits on withdrawals. If the amount of your withdrawal request is smaller than the lowest limit, you won’t be able to receive your money just yet. If your withdrawal amount is too big, a casino may take more time to verify your identity and even ask you for additional personal data.

In some casinos, you’re allowed to place a certain number of withdrawal requests within a week or month. While this may seem unjust, this is how many gaming websites work. To avoid embarrassing situations, we recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions before playing for real money.

5.4. Inaccurate Information

If, during registration, you provided personal data which is inaccurate and/or incomplete, don’t act surprised when a casino denies your withdrawal request. Keep in mind that casinos have the habit of checking the information submitted by their clients.

This problem is very common among novice players placing their very first withdrawal request. Most of the time, the problem is solved by providing extra information about yourself. Usually, it’s the photo of your passport or credit card. Don’t forget to cover up your passport ID and credit card number.

5.5. Safety

Withdrawal requests are rigorously checked by the casino’s security team. However, we doubt that a casino checks every single request. Instead, requests to be checked are selected randomly. If you win a big sum of money at slots, you’ll have to wait days or even weeks before you receive your winnings to your bank account or e-wallet. You need to be patient and wait till the casino checks your personal data to make sure you’re not a scammer. Don’t let this standard procedure disappoint you! After all, a juicy win (let alone, a jackpot) is worth waiting for!

6. Casino Bonuses And Other Perks

In real money online casino USA, bonuses are a unique opportunity to boost your player experience and make more bets than you can afford. Bonuses are added to your initial bankroll, allowing you to play longer and place more bets. At the same time, a variety of bonuses may scare even a seasoned player. Wagering requirements can also be quite confusing. To help you deal with this challenging issue, we created a special section called Casino Bonuses. For example, there are some types of bonuses that you should avoid unless you’re a professional and disciplined player. Other bonuses, on the contrary, can be very beneficial for a player, even a beginner. Also, be sure to pay attention to the loyalty program offered by a casino. If you play long enough, you have all chances of getting the Gold or Platinum status that translates into multiple benefits and perks.

Here are the main types of casino bonuses:

  • welcome bonuses for registration or on first deposit;
  • bonuses on second and subsequent deposits;
  • bonuses for loyal players or multi-level loyalty programs;
  • in-game bonuses, e.g. free spins in slots;
  • no-deposit bonuses and cashbacks.

7. Casino Software

Major software companies only partner with the best casinos. This piece of information can be of great help to players choosing a trustworthy gaming website. If a casino offers games by the leading software manufacturers, you can rest assured that it’s a reliable platform. Each software manufacturer produces games with unique features and charm. This can be a multi-level bonus round, unusually high multipliers, or other peculiarities. On our website, you’ll find plenty of useful information on different casino software producers and their games. Listed below are the names of the renowned casino software companies that dominate the online gambling market:

  • Net Entertainment (NetEnt);
  • Play N Go;
  • International Game Technology (IGT);
  • Novomatic;
  • Cryptologic;
  • Evolution Gaming;
  • BetOnSoft;
  • Microgaming.

8. Payment Methods In Online Casino Real Money

Before you start to play for real money, you need to do some preparation. For example, you need to select the suitable method for making deposits and withdrawals. As for withdrawals, you need to make sure players don’t have problems withdrawing their winnings in your selected casino. Nowadays, respectable real online casino offers a variety of popular payment methods. We’ll address this topic in more detail in other posts in this section. As for now, let’s take a look at the top popular payment methods:

  • Paysafecard is the safest way to make a deposit via a pre-paid card.
  • Visa / Mastercard is a very fast and easy way to credit your account in casino;
  • Paypal is another time-tested payment system that even undertakes some financial risks to boost its clients’ safety. Online casino real money PayPal is a great option for gamblers from the US;
  • Neteller is a widely used electronic payment system which, sadly, is not operational in the US at the moment;
  • Cheque and bank wire are the two a bit outdated payment methods which, however, are still accepted by online casino;
  • Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) represents a new, if not revolutionary, payment method. It’s one of the best options available to the US players.

9. Safety And Licensing

There are 80+ jurisdictions that are involved in licensing gaming platforms. However, not every jurisdiction is reliable. Players need to know which online casinos meet the security requirements and provide quality services. But first, let’s look at the basic legal terms.

When choosing a gambling site, you need to find out under which jurisdiction it’s operating. In case of clashes of interest between the player and the casino, the dispute will be settled under the laws of that country. For a casino, obtaining a license is not easy. The casino must pay taxes, provide all the required documents and reports, and have a flawless reputation. In fact, some countries are known for their strict requirements in online gambling regulation. If your selected casino has a license issued by one the jurisdictions listed below, you can rest assured that it’s an honest business:

  • Gibraltar;
  • the Isle of Man;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Malta;
  • Curacao;
  • Sweden.

Our team BGAOC has done a gigantic job studying and analyzing hundreds of gaming websites. As a result, we have put together a credible list of the best online casinos USA. When working on the rating, we used our own assessment criteria. We also created a black list that includes unreliable and suspicious casino websites. On top of that, we offer a huge collection of games and slots. Each app is accompanied by a detailed description and review. All our slots are free and can be played on smartphone and tablet.

10. FAQ On Online Casinos

If you want to find a safe way to play casino slots online for real money, you need to focus on two things. First of all, you need to choose a licensed gaming website that prioritizes the safety of its clients’ money and personal data. Saving what you already have is more important than chasing potential winnings! Your behavior as a player can also have a crucial effect on your casino experience. Read here how to choose an honest casino online real money

A responsible player who cares about their safety:

  • uses strong password;
  • keeps their card information confidential;
  • uses trustworthy payment systems, such as PayPal;
  • provides correct and complete information about themselves;
  • avoids playing online slots on third-party devices.

To be considered safe, a casino online is expected to:

  • play fair;
  • pay out winnings;
  • keep your money safe;
  • keep your personal data strictly confidential.

On top of that, every respectable online casino must:

  • have a license issued by a regulatory authority in your country;
  • use software from major providers.

The reputation of online casino USA is far from being flawless. This is mostly due to an abundance of rogue gaming websites that imitate honest casinos. Once newly registered players make deposits to their accounts, a rogue casino disappears with their money. This is the most common but not the only way of cheating players.

The problem is that such websites are very short-lived. Therefore, making a black list of rogue casinos is pretty much useless! Always be on your guard and do thorough checks before trusting an online casino with your money. When it comes to online gambling, you can’t be too careful. At the same time, if you manage to find a reliable casino that treats its clients with respect, you’re guaranteed to have a great player experience! Read here how to tell a good casino from a rogue one.

The good news is that absolutely any player can win real money in slots. Multiple stories told by lucky gamblers confirm this fact. The real question is how exactly you get to win. Unfortunately, even we don’t have the answer to this question. When it comes to gambling, winning is all about luck. Except for poker and a few other games, a player has no way of boosting their winning chances. The only thing you can do to improve your player experience is to choose the right casino that pays out winnings to its clients.

RTP (Return to player), also known as a payout percentage, is one of the key characteristics of any slot machine that describes how profitable it is for a player. To find out the RTP of your selected slot, be sure to read its review on our website. For more information on RTP, check out this post.

There is no straightforward answer to this question. It all depends on the slot you’re playing and your goals. In general, we advise against maximum betting because it speeds up the game big time. As a result, you risk blowing away your entire bankroll in minutes! Plus, a fast-paced game takes away from enjoyment and pleasure. When it comes to online slots for real money with a jackpot, things are different. You stand a chance of hitting a jackpot only by making maximum bets. So if you’re a jackpot hunter, your choice is pretty obvious!

If you’re determined to succeed in online gambling, it’s important to have at least a general idea of how online slots real money operate. Luckily, there is nothing difficult about that. An online slot is nothing but a program that works exactly like a conventional land-based slot, except it doesn’t have the mechanics of the latter. Each online slot uses the device called the Random Number Generator that creates totally random combinations of digits that translate into symbols on the reels. Curious to find out more? Be sure to take a look at this article!

Nowadays, most casinos offer games in free demo mode. This is a great way to learn the rules, adapt to the game pace, and even invent a winning strategy. You can play all you want without worrying about your money. On top of that, you can play free games on your smartphone or tablet. Mobile gambling does not limit your opportunities!

Bonuses are something every casino is proud of. Everyone loves gifts! With stocks, Upon registration, you get a no-deposit (welcome) bonus. Plus, there are bonuses on the first, second, etc. deposits. Some casinos also give out free spins and cashbacks.

To make a deposit or withdrawal, you need a debit/credit card or e-wallet. Each casinos offer a wide selection of popular payment methods. It won’t be a problem to choose the one that fits your needs.

The problem with land-based casinos is that they only accept high bets. As a result, players with limited budgets can’t afford to make even one bet. This can be very frustrating. Luckily, online casinos have lower betting limits which makes gambling games accessible to a wider audience.

Почему казино в GTA 5 online – чрезвычайно тревожное явление

Казино, появление которого уже давно ожидалось многими поклонниками GTA Online и которое наконец-то там открылось, вот-вот готово оказаться в эпицентре полномасштабного скандала.

С тех самых пор, как вирус микротранзакций поразил большинство самых популярных видеоигр, призрак свободного доступа у детей к азартным играм нагоняет настоящий ужас на любого сознательного родителя.

Но если откровенно, то гэмблинг в видеоиграх в том или ином виде существовал с незапамятных времён. Он помогает перевести дух и нескучно провести время между эпизодами динамичного экшена основного сюжета с его погонями и перестрелками. При этом, конечно, об игре на реальные деньги речи никогда не шло.

Сейчас трудно найти игру, в структуре которой не было бы элемента гэмблинга, однако в отличие от них новое дополнение GTA Online сделало его основной своей характеристикой.

Азартные игры без реальных ставок в большинстве случаев невинное дело, но взять и разместить их в полноценном, пусть и внутриигровом казино – это уже совсем другое дело.

Поэтому появление казино-отеля Diamond в GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto 5 , мимо которого пройти просто невозможно, не может не взволновать народ и не поднять вопрос об этике использования в видеоиграх микротранзакций.

Ведь они позволяют игрокам пойти гораздо дальше относительно примитивных лутбоксов.

Казино GTA 5 – это самый настоящий гэмблинг на реальные деньги

Надо полагать, что вы не пропустили того момента, когда совсем недавно постоянно расширяющийся мир GTA Online был дополнен новеньким казино-отелем с красивым названием Diamond (что в переводе означает «бриллиант»). Вырос он на месте закрытого казино, которое пребывало там с самого появления игры, но никогда не использовалось по назначению.

Теперь можно посетить заново отремонтированное здание и сыграть в покер, блэкджек, рулетку или слоты. За $500 внутриигровой валюты у вас появляется базовый доступ к услугам казино и небольшой банк жетонов. Вы можете приобрести и больше (по прогрессивной шкале), но и с имеющимся минимумом – при наличии у вас сноровки и при благосклонном расположении к вам госпожи Удачи – можно рассчитывать на реально крупный выигрыш.

Казино-отель Diamond в GTA Online

Технически купить за реальные деньги жетоны нельзя, но можно купить акульи карты и потом уже с их помощью разжиться жетонами. А поскольку это всего лишь видеоигра, то очевидно, что рассчитывать на выплаты живыми деньгами по выигрышам не приходится.

Можно войти в казино на более привилегированных условиях, если вы подписчик Twitch Prime, но на игровых площадках все равны, и желаемый презренный металл доступен каждому игроку на общих основаниях.

Никому в голову не придёт назвать GTA Online благородным местом с высокими моральными стандартами, наподобие The Legend of Zelda, хотя на территорию казино вход с оружием запрещён.

Азартные игры да тем более в такой игре, как эта, тема весьма горячая. И до этого можно было просиживать долгие часы, проходя миссии игры или просто слоняясь по городу, но теперь с появлением казино можно вообще не вылезать из неё, и это уже не говоря о том, какой вред может это казино нанести людям и попортить их реальную жизнь.

Если, например, у вас есть склонность к азарту (и давайте признаем: у многих из игроков она есть), тогда просиживать часами в виртуальном казино в виде вашего персонажа, выигрывая крупные суммы в слоты, для вас перспектива более чем реальная.

Всё большее количество людей в мире подсаживаются на азартные игры, и до сих пор GTA была игрой вне этой темы. Вплоть до появления в ней казино.

Казино в GTA Online хуже, чем лутбоксы

Наплыв азартного элемента гэмблинга в видеоигры хорошо задокументированная в СМИ тема.

Лутбоксы пережили взлёт в популярности приблизительно во время запуска Overwatch в 2020-м. Тогда же родители юных игроков забили тревогу, что заставило вмешаться в это дело политические силы. С тех пор серые зоны, окружающие гэмблинг, были более чётко очерчены.

Не удивительно, что с тех пор одно лишь упоминание об азартных играх вселяет в людей ужас и заставляет готовиться к наихудшему.

Это справедливо и в отношении новой затеи Rockstar с их казино. Только вот настоящие азартные игры по сравнению с коробкой одежды вызывают куда большее беспокойство.

Дополнение отеля-казино Diamond в GTA Online следует за Red Dead Redemption Online. В ней тоже присутствовал гэмблинг и мини-игры. Подобно GTA Online здесь также можно за реальные деньги купить внутриигровую валюту, в данном случае – золотые слитки, но также невозможно вывести деньги обратно.

Но, несмотря на это, как и в случае с GTA Online Grand Theft Auto Online , и тут вмешались международные регуляторы и начали ставить вопросы о легальности таких практик. Казино в GTA Online в результате недоступно почти что в 50 странах в связи с нарушением местного законодательства по азартным играм. Что оставило множество игроков, проживающих в более консервативных зонах, без возможности заглянуть в новое казино.

Гэмблинг в видеоиграх это палка о двух концах

Дело не только в деньгах, но больше даже речь идёт о ментальности. В интернете полно онлайн-казино, всем это известно. Решили срубить в них баблишка (или скорее – просадить последнюю рубаху), то стоит лишь вбить в строку поиска соответствующий запрос. И несмотря на заверения Rockstar и их твёрдую позицию относительно возрастного ограничения, всегда можно без проблем эти ограничения обойти.

Что неужели нельзя представить себе, как в каком-нибудь регионе с такими ограничениями ребёнок входит со своим персонажем в казино и пробует себя за игровым столом? И в Rockstar это прекрасно понимают, но всё же имеют дерзость выпускать такое дополнение, что просто удивительно.

Виртуальные кровавые загулы игроков – это часть бренда GTA, и наличие такой чрезвычайной жестокости, как им кажется, должно бы оставить без внимания такую невинную мелочь, как казинишко.

Но внутриигровой гэмблинг, к несчастью для них, бьёт в самый нерв, поскольку легко транслируется в реальную жизнь, в отличие от убийств и других кровавых бесчинств. Введение в мир Лос-Сантоса места, где можно зависнуть за азартными играми, может привлечь наряду с взрослыми лудоманами слишком большую часть юной аудитории игры.

Что касается механики азартной игры, то либо она вас цепляет полностью, либо оставляет полностью равнодушным.

Вспомните, возможно, вы мучились, проходя каждый матч в Гвинте в The Witcher 3. А вот в Red Dead Redemption Online, может статься, ждали с нетерпением очередного раунда в покер.

Если вам нравится гэмблинг (пусть и на виртуальные деньги), тогда новое дополнение – это ваше. Если у вас проблемы с видом больших сумм и ментальным контролем, то, судя по всему, пользы оно вам не принесёт, поскольку очень реально имитирует действительность и может заставить вас спускать реальные денежки.

Микротранзакции кто только не пинал в последние годы, но они как бы отстояли от реального гэмблинга, не пересекаясь с ним.

Теперь же маски сброшены, ведь после совершения нескольких простых шагов вы можете резаться в казино на реальные живые деньги без каких-либо ограничений.

Это делает лутбоксы Star Wars Battlefront 2 почти что сувенирами местных мастеров для невзыскательных туристов.

Prime World

Prime World — это новая революционная кроссплатформенная социальная стратегия, в которой противостоят друг-другу две нации: Империя Доктов и Адорнийское королевство. Борьба идет за Прайм — важнейший ресурс, обладая запасами которого можно изменить расстановку сил.

Для начала игры нужна Регистрация Prime World. Игра Мир Прайма требует установки клиента игры, который можно скачать прямо с сайта. Размер установщика 17 Мб. После скачивания дождитесь, пока будет произведена установка игры, после чего нужно будет авторизироваться через социальную сеть Facebook или Одноклассники (если в этих соцсетях нет вашего аккаунта, его желательно создать). В открывшемся окне вводите в соответствующие поля логин и пароль. На этом Регистрация в игре Prime World заканчивается. Можно в Prime World играть. Зайдя на сайт, выбираете сторону, за которую будете играть и вписываете желаемое игровое имя в соответствующее поле. Необходимые системные требования:

  • Процессор: 2ГГ — 3ГГц
  • Оперативная память: 1Гб — 2Гб
  • Место на жестком диске: 4Гб
  • Видеокарта: GeForce6600 GT ( Radeon X1300 ) 128 Мб VRAM или эквивалентная (25 fps) или GeForce 8800 ( Radeon HD 3850 ) 512 Мб VRAM или эквивалентная (40 fps)
  • Операционная система: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, или Windows 7

Игра Prime World приютила у себя 2 Расы:

Каждая Раса представлена 26 персонажами, которые делятся на такие Роли:

Убийца — уязвим в обычном бою, имеет не большой запас здоровья, но в нужный момент может нанести сокрушительный удар. Защитник — имеет достаточно большой запас здоровья и может изрядно измотать противника. Штурмовик — имеет большой запас энергии и может выдержать много вражеских ударов. Поддержка — этот представитель может подлечить раненого товарища или взять под контроль противника, чтобы ослабить его атаки. Боец — он может быть ближним и дальним, имеет не большой запас здоровья, но сильный удар. Каждый персонаж обладает определенным набором талантов, которые разделяются на Общие и Уникальные. Общие таланты — доступны всем персонажам. Уникальные — принадлежат конкретно какому-то одному.

Все таланты различаются по цвету: желтый, зеленый, синий и фиолетовый. Цвет таланта оказывает влияние на силу и полезность, так талант с желтым цветом — самый простой, а с фиолетовым цветом — самый сильный.

Онлайн игра Prime World имеет три группы игровых характеристик:

К Общим характеристикам относятся — Рейтинг (определяет первенство), Запас сил (определяет усталость), Здоровье, Энергия, Скорость (время передвижения) и Регенерация здоровья и Энергии (возможность быстро восстанавливаться). К Атакующим характеристикам относятся — Сила, Разум, Хитрость, Проворство, Дальность атаки и Кража здоровья. К Защитным характеристикам относятся — Стойкость (уменьшает наносимый врагом физический урон), Воля (уменьшает магическое воздействие) и Защита (уменьшает физический и магический урон противника). В магазинах, которые есть в игре, можно купить различные свитки, зелья, эликсиры и знаки.

Играть в игру Prime World нужно постоянно воюя с противоположной стороной. За уничтожение воинов противника, монстров, башен и особенно вражеских персонажей, герои получают бесценный ресурс — прайм, который можно потратить на получение новых талантов.

Играть в Prime World каждый игрок будет в своем Замке, который в процессе игры нужно будет расстраивать. Создание сильной экономики и строительство продуманной инфраструктуры — залог успешного игрового процесса и получения преимуществ перед другими игроками в экономическом развитии и PvP-схватках.

Играть в игру Prime World будет не скучно, здесь много интересных возможностей, которые невозможно описать в коротком обзоре. Prime World онлайн игра очень объемная, поэтому, чтобы все увидеть и узнать, нужно пройти Prime World онлайн регистрация и стать одним из героев игры.

Prime World — это новая революционная кроссплатформенная социальная стратегия, в которой противостоят друг-другу две нации: Империя Доктов и Адорнийское королевство. Борьба идет за Прайм — важнейший ресурс, обладая запасами которого можно изменить расстановку сил…

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